The Red Chair is coming!

Last year my husband and I saw a news report of a photo of a red chair on a frozen pond.  The photo was taken by an innkeeper on Cape Cod and posted on the inn’s facebook page.  It spread across the cyber world and found its way to a photographer who was inspired to visit the red chair and photo it in different settings.  We both were intrigued and inspired by the story.  The red chair began a journey traveling to different inns.  The red chair has just begun a journey that will take it from New England traveling across the country staying in bed and breakfasts and inns along the way.  We are  honored to be chosen to host the red chair while it travels to  Newport, Rhode Island!  We will treat the red chair like an honored guest showing it all Newport has to offer.  The red chair will arrive at the Samuel Durfee House  on June 11th and stay with us until the morning of June 14th when the red chair will travel to Connecticut.  Please check back on our blog next week when we will post photos of all of the exciting places the red chair will see in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island!  In the meantime, please check out the website for the story of the red chair!

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